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Custom Fabricated Nylon Bag for the Defense Industry

Serving customers in the defense industry, Sewing Technology created this custom fabricated nylon bag used to protect satellite dish petals. Each protective bag was made from 420 nylon denier, ¼” foam, 200 nylon denier binding, and a zipper chain.

Using a single needle JUKI, a custom binder, and an air compressed grommet machine, we applied several processes during fabrication including grommet installation, screen printing, and binding. In accordance to drawings provided by the customer, we maintained tolerances of .25”.

The 1lb protective bags were delivered to the customer in Rochester, New York. To learn more about our services, please contact Sewing Technology or see below for details.

Petal Bag   Petal Bag  

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Fabrication of Protective Bags used for Satellite Dish Petals

Product Description Protective Bag - Satellite Dish Petals
Capabilities Applied/Processes Rivet installation; Screen Printing; Binding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Single Needle JUKI; Custom Binder; Air Compressed Rivet Machine
Tightest Tolerances .25"
Material Used 420 Nylon Denier, 1/4" foam, 200 Nylon Denier Binding, Zipper Chain.
Estimated Part Weight 1 lb.
Industry for Use Military /Commercial Communications
Delivery Location Rochester, New York
Standards Met 100% Drawing Specifications
Product/Image Name Protective Bag

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